Halle Berry’s Child Support Payments Cut In Half

Halle Berry Child Support Payments Cut In Half

Halle Berry Child Support Payments Cut In Half

Halle Berry scored a mini victory in family court; as her child support payments owed to ex-Gabriel Aubry for their 13-year-old daughter, Nahla, has been cut in half! Previously, she was paying him $16,000/month! Deets inside…

Over the last few months, Halle Berry has been vocal about her frustrations with having to pay her ex-Gabriel Aubry thousands a dollars a month in child support for their 13-year-old daughter, Nahla Aubrey. By the way, Nahla turned 13 this month.

Sources told The Blast, Halle and Gabriel; who the actress dated from 2002 to 2010. Were involved in heated discussions about the amount of child support Halle should cough up a month. After some negotiations, the former couple was able to agree on a new settlement in their ongoing child support case. 

The decision comes on the heels of the John Wick actress going off on social media; about having to pay her ex child support every month. In February, she shared a meme that said “Women Don’t Owe You Sh*t,” which sparked a debate in her comments about gender roles.

The X-Men actress captioned the post: “& that’s on mary had a little lamb”

Halle Berry’s Thoughts On Child Support

“I feel if a woman or a man is having to pay support; that is way more than the reasonable needs to help SUPPORT the child. I think that is wrong! I understand some parents (man or woman) may need help, but I also feel that in these modern times both men and women have the responsibility to financially take care of their children, work hard and make every effort to do so. The way many laws are set up, people are allowed to USE children in order to be awarded money to live a lifestyle; that not only they did not earn, but that is way above and beyond the child’s reasonable needs. That is ‘THE WRONG’ & where I see the abuse”.

“The laws are outdated and no longer reflect the modern world,” she reportedly added. 

“This is just my opinion I clearly don’t own the truth. I can say I’m living it every day and I can tell you it’s hard. I do totally understand the feelings of those men who feel they are and have been taken advantage of by the system.” She later thanked her followers for their love and support, saying; “This is an issue that affects so many families and I feel it’s a topic worthy of our discussion!” 

And that’s that on that.

The “Extant” actress also has a 7-year-old son, Maceo, whom she she shares with ex-husband Olivier Martinez. Whos divorce was reportedly finalized in 2016.

According to TMZ, Halle filed new paperwork in 2018. The documentation was to formally deal with the remaining unresolved issues of their divorce, as the case however; is still technically considered active by the court.

Despite all the bullsh*t, Halle is relishing in the love she has been receiving from Grammy winning musician, Van Hunt. 

Halle Berry’s career still thriving. 

Details about the plot and Halle’s role are being kept under wraps. However, it has been described as “a blue collar James Bond.”

Halle stays on her grind. And We love to see it. 


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