Mary J. Blige Leaning Toward Performing “Family Affair” At Super Bowl

Mary J. Blige Leaning Toward Performing “Family Affair” At Super Bowl

She reportedly can only choose one song for the halftime show and detailed why the Dr. Dre-produced hit may be the one.

We’re inching closer to what is expected to be a monumental Super Bowl halftime performance. MJB is sharing what fans can expect from her addition to the show. We’ve previously reported that Dr.Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige would be gathering together for the performance. Since the news of the epic line-up was announced, Hip Hop fans have been debating what songs would be chosen.

We’ll have to wait two more weeks to see what they came up with, but in a recent interview with Elle, Blige revealed that she’s only able to choose one song from her extensive catalog.

Of all of the hits she could pick from, Blige admitted she is leaning toward “Family Affair.” The chart-topping single was produced by Dr.Dre and is said to be one of his favourites from the singer. Blige explained to Elle why Hip Hop is a family affair, so to speak.

“We are the culture; [Hip Hop artists] give people a way to speak,” she said. “We give people a way to walk. We give people a way to talk. We give people a way to think. That’s what Hip Hop and Hip Hop-Soul have done for our culture since [the beginning].”

Blige famously appeared during the 2001 halftime show that featured a slew of artists, but at that time, she was only a blip as she performed a few background vocals. This performance feels “like getting an Oscar nomination.” Blige added, “This time I’m going to be front and centre.” Mary J Blige, in her glory and greatness and swagger.”

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