Ye Lawyers Disown Him

Ye Lawyers Disown Him

Ye Lawyers Disown Him – Lawyers from Greenberg Traurig LLC have requested “alternative means” to notify rapper Kanye West that they will no longer represent him. According to legal documents. The firm has been unable to personally serve West, who legally goes by Ye, with a Withdrawal Order.

The legal firm has filed for a third deadline extension on January 13th, providing alternative means to serve West the Withdrawal Order by way of publishing its contents in “two Los Angeles newspapers” and mailing it to two other possible addresses belonging to West. The documents state that given Ye’s public status, publication of the Withdrawal Order will likely garner significant media attention and provide a greater likelihood of apprising Ye of the Order. The Second Circuit has noted that service by publication is particularly appropriate when, as here, there are indications that a defendant has engaged in ‘deliberate avoidance and obstruction’ to prevent service.

The latest request to extend service until February 9th, comes after prior “attempts were not fruitful”, the firm wrote. They claim that West “has apparently deactivated the phone number previously used to contact him” and that efforts to personally serve him have been unsuccessful since November. The legal firm has expended significant efforts to personally serve Ye with the Withdrawal Order but has been unable to effectuate service. They have tried to arrange for personal service by dispatching process servers to his last known location and using all available means to contact Ye and his representatives since November but have not been successful.

This recent legal action comes amid a string of controversies involving West. Last month, West made shocking antisemitic comments, including stating on Alex Jones’s Infowars web show: “I like Hitler.” This statement caused widespread outrage and condemnation and led to many of West’s business partners and sponsors distancing themselves from him. Furthermore, this recent legal action comes as West has been labeled missing in December by his former senior financial advisor, Thomas St John, who has also been unable to reach West in order to serve him legal papers.

West’s recent behavior, which includes his public support of Donald Trump, his bizarre public appearances and statements, and his recent foray into fashion design, have led many to question his mental health. It is unclear at this time what effect this legal action will have on West’s career and personal life. However, it is clear that West’s legal team is having a difficult time reaching him, and that the rapper may be deliberately avoiding contact with them. Only time will tell what the outcome of this legal battle will be, but one thing is for certain, Kanye West’s legal troubles are far from over.

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