Abbott Elementary Confirms Return For Another School Year

Abbott Elementary Confirms Return For Another School Year

Abbott Elementary Confirms Return For Another School Year

Principal Coleman confirms the students will be returning to Abbot Elementary in the fall. See her memo to the teachers.

And when we say school, we’re obviously referring to ABC’s hit sitcom Abbott Elementary, which follows a group of dedicated teachers working at an underfunded Philadelphia school. The show, starring Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams and Janelle James, is one of the many TV series that have proven that weekly releases are not of a bygone era. 

In fact, Abbot Elementary is ABC‘s highest-rated comedy in nearly two years. So it’s no wonder the network has renewed the series for a second season. 

Principal Ava Coleman (James) shared the exciting news to her teachers and students in a memo that only she could have written: “The camera crew I hired to showcase all that I’ve made happen at our beautiful school thinks I’m a star,” the memo begins. “I mean, are we surprised? No, we’re not.”

The often self-centered Principal Coleman also took the opportunity to highlight a fundraiser for class materials, while mentioning that she’d gladly accept “spa credits and gift cards over $100.” 

Brunson, who plays the overly-enthusiastic Janine, kept things short and sweet, writing on instagram “Let’s get it.” 

The comedian was inspired to write the sitcom after seeing her mothers dedication to teaching students. “I was at her school, it was a parent-teacher conference night,” she recalled in an interview. “And I was a little pissed that she was staying at school till eight o’clock. I just thought, ‘Come on. This is so late.'”

But her mom never wavered in her determination to help each and every student, helping Quinta realize that a school is the perfect setting for an inspirational and comedic story. And while she hopes people see the struggles teachers face, she said, “I want them to laugh with our teachers!”

Abbott Elementary returned from a mid-season hiatus on ABC Tuesday, March 22 at 9 p.m.

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