Orlando Jones Is Tyler James Williams' Father On 'Abbott Elementary'

‘Abbott Elementary’ Responds With Good Casting

‘Abbott Elementary’ has responds with good casting

Orlando Jones Is Tyler James Williams‘ Father On ‘Abbott Elementary’ And The Internet Is Happy: ‘Quinta Listened To Us’

Last week’s episode of Abbott Elementary gave viewers a real surprise. The internet joke of Orlando Jones and Tyler James Williams looking alike has finally become circle in the form of Jones playing Williams’ father.

Viewers of ABC’s hit show Abbott Elementary had an idea in mind. Using Twitter to ask the show’s creator, Quinta Brunson, to cast a particular actor that they thought would be the perfect fit.

The result was Twitter proving to be pretty powerful in convincing Brunson to recruit veteran actor Orlando Jones. Securing the role as the father of Tyler James Williams‘ character because of their uncanny resemblance.

So, when last weeks episode of Abbott Elementary revealed that Jones, an award-winning comedian, was  playing Williams’ father, Twitter went into a frenzy.

The resemblance of the two actors had been the topic of many jokes on social media. As a response, Jones made it known that he was not related to Williams, who plays a substitute teacher, by making his Twitter bio “Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris.

After the episode aired, viewers were delighted that Brunson listened to how much the pair looked alike. Twitter users took to the platform with laughs, appreciation, and references to the old internet joke.

One viewer commented on Jones’ humorous reactions online about his resemblance with his  onscreen son.

It’s safe to say, viewers are here for it. Watch more of the look-alike father-son duo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC or Hulu.

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