Adele dumps creative team behind Las Vegas residency

Adele dumps creative team behind Las Vegas residency

Adele dumps creative team behind Las Vegas residency

Adele has reportedly fired the creative team behind her  Las Vegas residency – and hired a new one in hopes of saving it.

The singer now wants to start her “Weekends With Adele” residency at Caesars Palace in the summer “with a completely redesigned show,” After she tearfully announced she was postponing it in January.

According to the outlet, Adele, 33, dumped her longtime set designer, Esmeralda “Es” Devlin, amid rumors that the two had explosive arguments over the show’s vision.

She’s reportedly replaced her with Kim Gavin, artistic director for English pop group Take That, and Stufish, the team producing the Rolling Stones’ upcoming anniversary tour.

A source who claims to have “intimate knowledge about the shows” told the outlet that the new creative duo will “look after and develop a new show as everything from the Es show has been scrapped.”

The same insider claims that the provisional plan is to start the residency at the end of July or beginning of August, which would be consistent with the summer concert schedule at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum, where the original 24 shows were set to take place.

The tentative dates would also line up with what Adele told Graham Norton in February – that the rescheduled concerts are “absolutely happening this year, 100 percent.”

As Page Six previously reported, Adele announced she was postponing her residency on Jan. 20, one day before it was set to kick off. She claimed at the time that the cancellation was due to “delivery delays and COVID.”

However, soon after her announcement was made, reports claimed that the postponement was actually due to a falling out with Devlin over creative differences.

Adele “couldn’t get through a single full rehearsal” without “shouting and sobbing” on the phone with her rumoured fiancé Rich Paul. 

The Telegraph’s informant claims the singer’s alleged clash with Devlin was caught on camera by a documentary crew and that footage “of the Es blow-up and the total implode of the production exists.”

An insider claims the new residency will likely start later this summer.


Reps for Adele, Gavin, Devlin and Caesars did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

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