Anthony Mackie Still Can’t Believe He’s ‘Captain America

Anthony Mackie Still Can’t Believe He’s ‘Captain America

Anthony Mackie Still Can’t Believe He’s ‘Captain America

Marvel’s superhero storylines in Phase Four have only just begun with Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series introduced a new Captain America in Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. The passing of the shield is a historic moment in the MCU, because it introduces the universe’s first official successor. Shortly after the introduction, the story will continue with Captain America 4. Looking ahead; Falcon’s journey to Cap won’t be the last hero to rise in the ranks & assume an Avengers title from another.

Now that Anthony Mackie is Captain America, his first order of business isn’t fighting bad guys.

He joked with HipHollywood about some of the interesting things he’d like to do with his new found status including bringing back the old Kanye West. “All of us want the “College Dropout” Kanye back” he laughed after revealing some of the other requests he’s gotten from his friends.

“My friends were like yo, there’s a shortage of chicken wings in Atlanta, so I can’t find lemon pepper anywhere. So Imma need you to fly yo black ass to help us with this wing situation.” “The second thing is to straighten out Kanye,” he added. “So I’m putting my list together.”

Mackie took over the Cap mantle during the recent conclusion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. While he’s known since 2019, he told us he’s still marveling in the fact he’s now the first Black man to play the superhero.

“After the finale episode it really hit me because my sons looked at me in a completely different way,” he shared. “It wasn’t wow you’re a superhero. My sons know how much I sacrifice and work to provide for them … and they made it very clear that they appreciated my sacrifice. That was something even more than becoming Captain America that rocked me to my core.”

You can see all six episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+ now .

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