Bardi Beauty - Cardi B Reportedly Set To Join The Beauty Space

Bardi Beauty – Cardi B Reportedly Set To Join The Beauty Space

Bardi Beauty – Cardi B Reportedly Set To Join The Beauty Space

Cardi B has filed documents to trademark the name, “Bardi Beauty,” setting the stage for her to enter the beauty industry, which is full of potential for her.

Cardi B has been growing her brand outside of the music space since day one. From her start on Love & Hip-Hopto Super Bowl  commercials. Cardi is always about her business.

The Bronx-born superstar dominated the fashion industry with her Reebok collaboration, Fashion Nova line and most recently, her Balenciaga partnership. We also learned recently that she’s about to get the ladies’ waists right with her own like of waist trainers  to go with her current Reebok partnership.

Still, with all of these launches in her rearview mirror, perhaps her biggest product launch could be on the horizon. According to reports from TMZ, Cardi is showing all the signs of jumping into the beauty space, which is a perfect industry for someone like Cardi.

The rapper’s company, Washpoppin Inc. Just filed legal docs to lock down the rights to the phrase “Bardi Beauty”. Which she apparently wants to slap onto a ton of different merch that screams of the fabulous life.

According to the trademark docs, Cardi is apparently aiming to hawk a bunch of glam products; including stuff like cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare, nail polish, nail enamel … pretty much the works when it comes to a beauty line.

With the beauty industry still having a lack of inclusivity it desperately needs. Another woman of colour in the space making products for everyone is always a good thing. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has already shown that consumers want inclusive products; and when Cardi joins, makeup and skincare lovers will have even more options to choose from.

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