Cassie Welcomes Second Baby

Cassie Welcomes Second Baby & Her Mommy Glow Is Contagious

Cassie Welcomes Second Baby & Her Mommy Glow Is Contagious


On Saturday, the singer and her husband, personal trainer Alex Fine. Have just revealed that their second daughter has made her way into the world. “On Monday March 22nd, 2021 @ 10:22am our hearts got bigger. Welcome to the world baby girl! We love you so much Sunny Cinco Fine!” Cassie shared via Instagram

The singer’s family has grown quite a bit in the last year. Cassie’s first child, baby Sunny’s big sister Frankie Stone Fine turned one in December

After getting engaged just months before, the couple tied the knot in a surprise ceremony  in September 2029. They welcomed the arrival of baby Frankie just a few months later. Parenting has brought the newlyweds nothing but joy.

Baby Sunny joins 15-month-old big sister Frankie Stone who turned 1 on Dec. 6.

ALEX FINE Shares A Heart Felt Letter

Meanwhile, Fine, 27, shared a letter to his children to mark the birth of his second daughter. “Letter to my Daughters Frankie Stone Fine & Sunny Cinco Fine,” he began. “I woke up this morning with you two & your mama, & took a moment to let it sink in that we created the perfect family that isn’t perfect but its filled with so much love.”

The father of two continued, “I always thought my purpose was to inspire others through wellness and give back to those who are less fortunate, but I was wrong. That is my legacy and you two girls are my purpose. I am put on this earth so I can help you shine & have your beautiful lights touch a lot of people. Just holding both of you I know you are destined for absolutely amazing things and I’m put on this earth to support what you two love doing. I’m so happy you two are so close in age like myself & my brothers, because you will quickly learn that iron sharpens iron, & you two will make each other better. I hope you read this when you go to your prom, graduation, when you’re married with your own families, (I have to approve of course), & even when I’m gone (not for 100 more years don’t worry) to understand how much my heart is filled with joy, pride, and love for my 3 girls. I am happy you chose me as your Da.”


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