Corona Free Is a Breath Of Fresh Air

Grabbz Drops Corona Free & It’s a Breath Of Fresh Air

September 2022, will be remembered for Grabbz latest release Corona Free. This song is so memorable for the world and especially him; hitting 20k streams in less than a month. Corona Free is a breath of fresh air, reminding the world that Covid-19 is OVER & we can go back to having a good time again. Celebrating our time with love ones, and meeting new people can start to happen again. After being isolated for such a long time, we can now get back out into the world and socialize again. From the beginning of the deadly virus, we had to protect ourselves and each other by any means. Even if that meant staying away from people you love or could potentially fall in love with; which set the world back a couple years.

Grabbz single “Corona Free” talks about his experience being locked down due to the deadly virus. Coming from the streets, life is always been dangerous and the virus wasn’t anything different.

Grabbz explains “I emerge from the trap smoke — cook cr**k in my moms house, — I just wanna ball out, Ni**az want me to fall out, but imma different type of varient….”

Grabbz – Corona Free

Giving listeners an understanding that Covid has never been a fear for him in the streets. They live dangerous lives and Covid was nothing different from what they experience on a daily basis.


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Grabbz – Corona Free

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