Deborah Ayorinde Says “Them” Is Her Most Fulfilling And Most Taxing Role Ever

Deborah Ayorinde’s Most Fulfilling & Taxing Role Ever

Deborah Ayorinde’s Most Fulfilling & Taxing Role Ever

This woman deserves all the awards and accolades for certain… An Emmy,  a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice, whatever it is, go on and give them to her.

Deborah Ayorinde stars in the upcoming Amazon horror anthology series“Them” as Livia “Lucky” Emory, a wife and mother who experiences unspeakable terrors during the 1950’s. First in the family’s home in the South; then after their migration to a white Los Angeles neighborhood where residents are far from welcoming.

Deborah Ayorinde Stars In Amazon Original

Amazon just released the teaser & key art to their new terror anthology series “Them;” from Little Marvin & executive producer Lena Waithe, premiering April 9th exclusively on Prime Video. The first season follows a 1950’s Black family who moves from North Carolina to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles; as part of The Great Migration. For the folks who watched “Lovecraft Country” this might already sound a little bit like Leti and Ruby’s move into the haunted mansion; but we are already certain comparisons will also be drawn to Jordan Peele’s ‘US’. Not just because there’s an obvious play between the words ‘US’ & “Them” but also because Shahadi Wright Joseph; who starred as the daughter in ‘US’ is also one of the daughter’s on “Them.” 

Deborah Ayorinde

In a recent interview with BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with Deborah Ayorinde about her role & how the project affected her mental health; as well as why it was important for her to take on the part despite the trauma.

“I had to get therapy afterward & during the process; because to be honest with you it was the most fulfilling but also most taxing role I’ve ever done”; Ayorinde told BOSSIP. “So I had to take care of my heart and take care of my spirit, you know what I mean?”

The film reveals the horrors of racism in multiple contexts, putting Lucky and her family through a nightmarish sequence of events.

Deborah Ayorinde’s Thoughts On Her New Role

“For me, I feel like yes it sets in the 1950’s but so much has changed but so much hasn’t;” Ayorinde said of the series. “I felt like it was important that I played this role as honestly & authentically as possible, because I wanted anyone who has experienced being “Them,” being an other; anyone who has experienced racism, sexism, anyone who has experienced anything remotely close to what the Emorys have experienced to feel seen & I feel heard. So I felt like for me, if it meant me going through this process & putting myself on the line for that to happen; then it was worth it.”

Ayorinde said one of the benefits of the job was her on-camera family; comprised of Ashley Thomas who plays her husband Henry Emory and Shahadi Wright Joseph & Melody Hurd who play her daughters Gracie and Ruby.

“That was very easy,” Ayorinde told BOSSIP of bonding with her co-stars. “I met with Ashley a little bit before we started filming & we had brunch and we literally talked for hours about everything. The show was like, we only talked about that for a second. We talked about our lives, our upbringings and we became fast friends. The kids, it’s my second time working with Melody because I worked with her on “Fatherhood;” with Shahadi it was my first time, but those kids, they’re just so loving & light & they actually helped me through the process than I helped them. Because just seeing their lightheartedness & how they processed this & wanting to protect them. It wasn’t hard at all to get into character and love on them.”

“Them” premieres on Amazon Prime on April 9th. Here’s a sneak peek.


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