Grabbz - Toonies Loonies

Grabbz – Toonies Loonies Brings New Canadian Flavour

Grabbz – Toonies Loonies Brings New Canadian Flavour To the Scene

The Toronto artist known as Grabbz is entering with what some have called “wordy” street knowledge. Blending entrepreneurial swag (piggy backing from his Hotgrabbz brand) and a unique baritone flow that captivates the audience leaving listeners enticed for the next set of bars to come. This newest single Toonies Loonies is full of metaphors and lyrical gymnastics that any hip hop head would enjoy. Complete with lyrical ability & flow attached, Grabbz maintains his substance on beat while adding more pressure with each verse. Toonies Loonies commonly known across Canada as a form of currency equating to a single dollar and two dollars -Loonie and a Toonie. If you thought about Looney Tunes go on and get your jokes in now, because most Canadians have heard most of them at least in some capacity. So to some degree it’s an ode to Canada on a whole. Paying homage to his home gives the track a vibe that *cannot be duplicated. There is something refreshing about an artist that isn’t afraid to come out of the box while trying to target different demographics. ‘ ‘ HE RAPS **

“….I’m ’bout my money not the violence…..”

We Stan a grown man who HAS something to lose, because Baybeee we are tired of the senseless violence! We really are.

He raps about drive and determination and how it has lead to some of the success he has had today. He just isn’t willing to stop there. If he is as determined and motivated as he raps, or can make others feel, we have a huge feeling that this won’t be the last single or time we hear from Grabbz.

The lyrical stick up was real. Canada Stand Up!


Listen to Grabbz newest single Toonies Loonies below:

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