Grown-ish Renewed for Season 5, Marcus Scribner Joins the Cast

Junior to Cal U for Grown-ish Season 5

Junior to Cal U for Grown-ish Season 5

Marcus Scribner will bring Junior to Cal U for Grown-ish Season 5

The journey to adulthood is far from over for Zoey Johnson and her friends, as Freeform has renewed Grown-ish for Season 5. Black-ish star Marcus Scribner is set to join the series. As Zoey’s younger brother Andre Johnson Jr. finally heading off to college.

Grown-ish Season 4 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Freeform, with episodes also streaming on Hulu the day after broadcast.

The season is meant to be following the crew as they move toward graduation, it feels like it has been nothing but the Aaron/Zoey/Luca triangle. If we’re being honest, that’s actually been the much of the series.

In a recent episode, Zoey admitted to Diane that Aaron is her soulmate and she still loves him. They’ve worn me out and I can’t be bothered anymore.

As Black-ish prepares to air its finale episode, it’s good to see Junior moving on to the next chapter of his life. His character is portrayed as naive and silly. He’s also too smart to be completely aimless. It would be one thing if he skipped college with a purpose or alternative in mind, but he’s floated since high school. Junior “embarks on his own journey to being “grown.” Black-ish is set to air its series finale sometime this spring. So we should see Junior moving toward his new path soon.

Scribner reacted to the news on Twitter writing, “I’m joining the cast of @grownish ⚡️ See ya’ll at Cal U in season 5!”

Behind the scenes, Grown-ish Season4 show runner is leaving the show along with the executive producer Jenifer Rice-Genzuk. So playwright/producer Zakiyyah Alexander and Black-ish showrunner Courtney Lilly will be Grown-ish Season 5 co-showrunners.

New episodes of Black-ish return Tuesday, March 22 on ABC. Grown-ish airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Freeform, with the season finale scheduled for March 24.

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