Kandi Burruss Would Leave Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Phaedra Parks Returned

Kandi Would Leave RHOA If Phaedra Returned

Kandi Burruss Would Leave Real Housewives Of Atlanta If Phaedra Parks Returned

With 13 seasons soon to be under her belt, Kandi Burruss is on her way to becoming one of the longest-standing Real Housewives in the franchise’s history. At this point, she’s an honorary OG. And although The Real Housewives of Atlanta has helped catapult her TV career to new heights, one thing that would send her running for the hills — the return of her bestie turned nemesis, Phaedra Parks.

Kandi appeared on the it’s tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, and as reported, she dished about the upcoming 14th season of RHOA and her new show, Kandi & The Gang. When asked about her longevity on RHOA, Kandi expressed that she still loves doing it because it gives her time to work on other projects, and the checks probably aren’t bad either. But when Raquel asked Kandi if the show is big enough for both her and Phaedra, the tone quickly shifted.

“No,” Kandi quickly replied without any hesitation, indicating that there’s still some bad blood after the season 9 sex dungeon fiasco. Unfortunately, time doesn’t heal all wounds.

For some Kandi fans, it probably isn’t surprising that she’s still not interested in forgiving Phaedra.  Porsha Williams tearfully apologized for her role in the sex dungeon rumors, but still, her and Kandi’s relationship never fully recovered. Phaedra masterminding the whole sex dungeon plot crossed a line, and she showed zero remorse, so it doesn’t matter how many years have passed. Kandi isn’t getting over it. And this isn’t the first time that she has made a declaration about quitting if Phaedra came back.

Meanwhile, Phaedra is gearing up to make her triumphant return to the Bravo/Peacock universe with season 2 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Fans have been dying to see the shady southern belle make a return to RHOA, and it seems like every other month, there’s a rumor floating around that she’s in talks to come back. But, Kandi is making it extra clear that as long as she is part of the cast, Phaedra needs to stay far away from RHOA. So it’s either Kandi or Phaedra, not both. Are you listening,Andy Cohen?

The podcast host pressed for more details about the status of Kandi’s relationship with Phaedra, and she made it clear that the two don’t speak and probably never will. Kandi was adamant that the situation is not fixable and said as soon as Bravo decides they want to reintroduce Phaedra back into the group, that would be Kandi’s signal to exit. However, with that said, Kandi clarified that it’s not her intention to make the network choose between the two of them; she just has zero desire to try to mend fences. Kandi said, “I wish her the best of luck in all of her endeavors or whatever, but we just don’t need to interact.”

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