Kanye West’s New Album Donda 2 Ruled Ineligible for Billboard Charts

Kanye West’s Donda 2 Ruled Ineligible for Billboard Charts

Kanye West’s Donda 2 Ruled Ineligible for Billboard Charts

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Billboard revealed on Monday that Kanye’s STEM player is being considered merchandise. The absence of Donda 2 from the Billboard charts was due to album bundling rules the company created a few years ago. The rules were created after 6ix9ine attempted to game the charts in his favour via merch bundles. When he released his 2020 TattleTales project.

Billboard argued the STEM player “can be used for other means besides the playing of the album.” In their eyes it qualifies it as merch. Kanye has so far been mute. Whether he ever plans to make Donda 2 more accessible to the public, via streaming or other means.

The disappointing news comes after the album’s predecessor Donda had one of the biggest first week sales for an artist in 2021. With Kanye moving over 309,000 units its debut week. The achievement also tied West with Eminem for the the record of most No. 1 debuts in a row on the albums chart. In addition, West became one of only seven artists in chart history to release 10 chart-topping albums

Because it’s sold exclusively with the Stem Player, the album violates Billboard’s merchandise bundle policy

Kanye West’s new album Donda 2 will not appear on any Billboard charts,Billboard reports. West has been selling the album exclusively via his Stem Player. Violating Billboards’ merchandise bundle policy. Deeming it ineligible.

West premieres Donda 2 at a Miami event on February 22. The next day, he shared four songs from the record on his Stem Player website. And, on February 24, he made available 12 more songs, billing the 16 total tracks as V2.22.22 Miami. 

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