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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Thoughts on LeBron James Breaking His NBA Record

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Thoughts on LeBron James Breaking His NBA Record

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the former NBA scoring champion and record holder for most points scored in a career. Recently shared his “complex thoughts and intense emotions” regarding LeBron James breaking his 38-year-old record. In an essay posted to his substack, the 75-year-old Abdul-Jabbar expressed his admiration for James’ hard work, dedication and talent.

Abdul-Jabbar applauded James for the “unbelievable drive, dedication, and talent”

It took for him to remain in the NBA for over 20 years, and break the record. Abdul-Jabbar pointed out the fact that the average NBA career only lasts 4.5 years, making James’ accomplishment even more impressive. He also said that scoring points isn’t the only thing needed to break an NBA record, but also staying healthy and skilled over a long period of time.

Abdul-Jabbar also expressed that he believes James shares his philosophy of playing basketball for the sake of the team first. Abdul-Jabbar wrote that it was his team-oriented approach that allowed him to break the record in 1984. He noted that a record is nothing if you use other players’ careers as stepping stones for self-aggrandizement.

When it came to his reaction to the new record, Abdul-Jabbar said he “had to laugh” at all of the people who speculated how he would feel. He stated that he had already written several times about his thoughts on the matter. So there really wasn’t much left to speculate.

In the end, Abdul-Jabbar compared his situation with James to winning the lottery. He said that it was like he won a billion dollars in a lottery, and 39 years later, someone else won two billion dollars. He said that he felt grateful and happy for the other person’s win, and that it in no way affected his own win.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s reaction to LeBron James breaking his record not only shows his admiration for the 38-year-old NBA star, but also his mature and team-oriented approach to basketball. It is clear that Abdul-Jabbar understands the hard work

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