Kim Discusses Why She Chose To Divorce Kanye

Kim Discusses Why She Chose To Divorce Kanye

Kim Discusses Why She Chose To Divorce Kanye


If you’ve noticed something different about Kim Kardashian recently (besides her affinity for Balenciaga, of course), it’s probably that the reality star has decided to give up people-pleasing — and yes, that played a major role in her decision to file for divorce. During an interview with Vogue, the SKIMS founder revealed why she divorced Kanye “Ye” West, and her explanation makes a lot of sense.

“For so long, I did what made other people happy. And I think in the last two years I decided, I’m going to make myself happy and that feels really good,” she explained. Unfortunately, that growth wasn’t conducive to her marriage to the Donda rapper. The reality star added, “And even if that created changes and caused my divorce, I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what really makes you happy. I’ve chosen myself. I think it’s okay to choose you.”

Apparently, this perspective is reflective of Kardashian entering a new decade of life.

“My 40s are about being Team Me. I’m going to eat well. I’m going to work out. I’m going to have more fun, spend more time with my kids and the people who make me happy. I’m going to put my phone down. Unfollow if I don’t want to see something on Instagram,” she explained. “Khloé came up with the best phrase for that yesterday. She said, ‘Post and ghost.’” So maybe she didn’t see Ye’s not too pleasant responses to her IG story when she called him out for “trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly” after he publicly condemned North West’s TikTok? One can only hope.

Kim also opened up about how she was hoping to handle their breakup. Especially when it came to being in the public eye. For her, keeping things civil was paramount. “You could be so hurt or angry at your ex, but I think in front of the kids, it always has to be, ‘Your dad’s the best,’” she told the outlet. “Make sure you are your co-parent’s biggest cheerleader, no matter what you’re personally going through.” For the most part, it seems that she’s stuck to that rule. Despite the previously mentioned IG story.

Kim is trying to come out of her divorce as unscathed as possible. She wants the same for her kids. So no matter where you fall on the TikTok debate, things may be in her favour to get what she wants.

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