Marsai Martin & Father Team Up With Hollister For Dad Jeans Campaign

Marsai Martin & Father Team Up With Hollister For Dad Jeans Campaign

The two star in the brand’s ‘RESPECT THE JEANS’ campaign.

There’s a list of essentials that every girl needs in their closet, one of them being a pair of trusty dad jeans. The loose-fitted classics are a must-have for anyone’s wardrobe, especially as we mentally prepare for spring to come in just a few short months. Don’t know where to snag a pair? No problem, this Black-ish starlet has you covered! Marsai Martin and her dad, Joshua Martin, have teamed up with Hollister for their newest campaign to celebrate their Dad jeans.

Described as the brand’s “widest-fit, trend-right Dad jeans assortment,” Marsai and Joshua star in Hollister’s RESPECT THE JEANS campaign to prove that these comfy, confident, and trendsetting jeans deserve some respect on their name for the everlasting wide-legged trend. Today, the Martins will be taking over the brand’s #HollisterTok and spilling on the style tea about how to fit these wide-legged must-haves into your ensemble.

“I’m super excited just to be working with Hollister. When it comes to jeans, I want to make sure I’m wearing something comfortable, something with this good quality, versatile-type jeans and Hollister is literally top tier when it comes to that,” Marsai told Girls United about her collaboration. She described the experience of working with the brand as “such a pleasure,” and as the cherry on top, she gets to work alongside Joshua. “I get to do it with my dad, which is even better because we never really worked together as talent together. It’s always been behind the scenes or as producers.”

Jokingly, when Marsai and Joshua were presented with their opportunity, they wanted to make sure they were in the best shape possible. “We were talking like, ‘We going to have to go to the gym. We going to have to look like something!’” When it comes to working with her father, Marsai says that the dynamic was “surprisingly” fun, considering the fact that they naturally butt heads about aesthetics and the way things are supposed to look. “We’re both Leos and that’s just really how we are, but it was lots of fun. We got to use different props around the house and use our creative minds in another way,” she expressed.

As we’ve seen her grow up in the public eye, Marsai’s personal style has evolved.

In fact, if she had a time machine, she would tell her younger self to prioritize comfort over anything. “Growing up as a child actor, it kind of feels like you have to stick to one style or dress up in a way that is really not your personality,” she explained. “I would say dress comfortably [and] dress how you want because I’ve always been into comfort. Anytime I was on the carpet, I felt like I couldn’t be comfortable. Use your voice when it comes to fashion.”

While she can always slay the red carpet and have our jaws on the floor on the ‘gram, she will always opt-in for cozy and comfort. If she were to take a pair of dad jeans and add her own flair to it, Marsai said that she would take an oversized flannel from her father’s closet and maybe a crop top. “I guess it really depends on my mood,” Marsai told Girls United. “I don’t think I have like a certain style, but that’s the cool thing about dad jeans – they go with any mood that you have. It’s very versatile in that way so it works hand in hand.”

When it comes to spring wardrobe, Marsai has a list of essential for every girl’s wardrobe before they start swapping out their winter threads. “I would say some overalls ’cause that’s my jam. I love a good bucket hat. Bucket hats are the best, especially when your hair look crazy,” she laughed. Marsai also included fanny packs, which are perfect for traveling and walking around with your friends. “I would say anything that is travel worthy like a fanny pack or any of that.”

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