Meek Mill Allegedly Denied Rick Ross Entry During Birthday Party, Wants Off MMG

Rumors are circulating that Meek Mill denied Rick Ross entry to his section during his birthday party at Club LIV due to an ongoing beef. Apparently, their tension stems from Meek wanting out of his deal with Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group label.

Last weekend, Meek Mill celebrated his 34th birthday. In addition to sharing the first pictures of his son with his ex Milan, of course. He had to pick up those back ends. Meek had a birthday celebration in Miami in partnership with the world-famous Headliner Market Group at Club LIV. The event went off without a hitch, but shortly after, rumors started circulating that a rapper had a birthday party & didn’t allow entry to his label boss; amid the unnamed rapper’s frustration of wanting to be out of his contract.

Later on, tweets would surface confirming everyone’s suspicions that it was indeed Meek & Rick Ross that allegedly had the altercation in Miami.

During the stream, he went on to explain it’s really not any pressure from Rick Ross’s side of the ordeal. Meek allegedly wants out of his contract with Maybach Music Group, and things allegedly got tense; but no chaos ensued and both sides were able to move along with no violence.

According to rumors. Ross being the businessman he is; just wants Meek to finish out the terms he agreed to that helped him get to where he is currently. Not to take sides over this rumor, but if true, Ross isn’t asking for anything that wasn’t agreed to initially. Hopefully, these two can work things out and stay in business together; more importantly, let’s hope the whole thing isn’t true. However, if this is true, that’s some super disrespectful actions to deny your label boss entry in his own city. Regardless if it’s to the club or just to your section.