Motion Filed To Stop "Billionaires" Being Used In Court

Motion Filed To Stop “Billionaires” Being Used In Court

Motion Filed To Stop “Billionaires” Being Used In Court

Kim kardashian  along with her mother Kris and sisters Khloé & Kylie are demanding Blac Chyna not be allowed to use their wealth against them in their upcoming trial.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the Kardashian/Jenner family is pleading for certain things to be off-limits at the trial scheduled to go down later this month.

Chyna is suing her ex-Rob for allegedly posting explicit photos of her. After their breakup in 2017 to his 9 million followers. She is taking on his other family members accusing them of spreading lies that she abused Rob.

In court documents, Chyna says Kris started the lie and then told Kim. She then proceeded to tell her sisters Khloé & Kylie. Rob’s ex believes the family threatened to stop shooting Keeping Up with the Kardashians unless her show Rob & Chyna was canceled.

E! ended up axing Chyna’s reality show despite it already being greenlit for a second season. Chyna believes she lost out on nearly $1 million. From the show alone and tens of millions more from other deals she lost out on.

The family denies the allegations arguing Chyna is still a huge moneymaker who has no trouble finding work. Khloé started to investigate Chyna’s income on OnlyFans to try and prove she was doing just fine.

Now, the Kardashian/Jenner family has filed a motion. Demanding any conversation, evidence about their wealth or financial condition should be banned from the jury trial.

The family believes Chyna should only be allowed to mention their wealth if the jury returns a verdict awarding damages.

They say Chyna has expressed  she plans to “present evidence of the well-known fact of Defendants’ wealth during the liability phase in connection with [Plaintiff’s] intentional interference with contract claim.”

“[Chyna’s] sole purpose in referencing Defendants’ wealth and financial condition is to inflame and unduly prejudice the jury against Defendants,” they argue.

The Kardashian/Jenner family writes they strongly “deny using “power and influence” to interfere with” Chyna’s contract.

“While it is widely known that Defendants have achieved financial success through various and divergent business endeavors, it is nevertheless true that allowing [Chyna] to refer to Defendants as “billionaires” or to reference their wealth in more general terms would tend to inflame the passions of the jury and confuse the issues.”

Basically, the family believes the jury could turn on them if Chyna kept reminding them the Kardashian members are billionaires. A judge has yet to rule. 

Guess we never thought we’d see the day billionaire status would be offensive. Very ironic that they don’t want their wealth used against them. Yet may have done just that, by using their wealth and affiliated connections to have Chyna and Rob’s show cancelled.

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