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Must-Watch Shows to Catch in February

Must-Watch Shows to Catch in February

Now that TV networks have gotten past the chaotic holiday schedule, many of them have set up interesting counter programming to the sports that dominate February. Everything from family fare, ‘90s reboots to legendary franchises are represented in this month’s TV premieres. So if you couldn’t possibly care about football, college basketball or Olympic skiing, you do still have new options to choose from. Take careful notes, these are the most interesting TV premieres of February

Feb. 1 Raising Dion Season 2 – Netflix

The family friendly superhero show follows Dion as he trains to better control his powers, while starting his own superteam and making creepy new friends. When it premiered in 2019, Raising Dion became one of Netflix’s most popular series of the year. The recently released trailer highlights a more confident Dion, but also, a much more cautious Nicole. It’s rare to get a series that’s meant for the whole family, it’s important to support them, and show networks we want more.

Feb. 4: Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip Hop Comedy – Prime Video

This documentary tells the story of an influential comedy showcase that took place at The Comedy Store in LA during the ‘90s. Phat Tuesdays included familiar names like Anthony Anderson, Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, Tiffany Haddish, Steve Harvey, Craig Robinson and Chris Tucker. Founder and host, Guy Torry executive produces the three episode series that features interviews with comedians and famous fans, as well as well as footage of performances. 

Feb. 6: Power Book IV: Force – Starz


Yes, Starz does in fact have a never ending supply of Power series. Power Book IV: Force follows Tommy (Joseph Sikora) as he moves to Chicago to settle an old score, then inevitably finds himself drawn into the city’s drug world. Like Law & Order, Star Wars or Marvel, fans of the Power universe are going to watch this one no matter what. We will admit that Tommy is one of the franchise’s more interesting characters, and we wouldn’t mind seeing what his life is like away from everything that happened in New York.

Feb. 13: Bel-Air – Peacock

In every creator’s dream come true, Morgan Cooper’s fun dramatic re-imagining of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went viral. It reached Will Smith and ended up actually being made into a series. Starring newcomer Jabari Banks as Will, Bel-Air follows the story of Will moving from Philadelphia to Bel-Air, and trying to fit in with his upper crust, stuffy relatives. Based on the trailer, don’t expect any wild, colourful ‘90s clothes or laugh track moments here. Fresh Prince is such a crucial part of many childhoods. This reboot is either going to be a make or break situation. When the stakes are this high, there’s no in between. Peacock is giving Bel-Air a big push, by premiering the first three episodes on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Feb. 21: All American: Homecoming 

– The CW


The CW showcasing HBCU culture with its new spinoff All American: Homecoming. The series follows Geffri Maya’s Simone to the fictional Bringston University. All American has been a hit for The CW, so it will be interesting to see if the fanbase flocks to the spinoff in big numbers. Both series will be paired together on Mondays, making it easy for viewers to find the new entry. We’re excited anytime a show highlights the amazing atmosphere of HBCUs. All American has already shown the characters will be well rounded and interesting, so we expect this to be a fun one.

Feb. 23: Snowfall – FX


After the emotional events of the Season 4 finale, Franklin and his Family are comfortably successful, and enjoying their riches. However, it’s now 1986 and politicians are looking to score points by ending the crack epidemic. In Franklin’s personal life, he’s still reeling from his mother leaving for Cuba. Snowfall has somehow quietly gone under the radar for four seasons, but it’s past time for it to get the recognition it deserves. Damson Idris has slowly and brilliantly built Franklin from an intelligent yet awkward teenager into a ruthless drug kingpin. It’s also time for FX to give Snowfall the same push it gives American Horror Story, Fargo and What We Do in the Shadows.

Feb. 24: Law & Order – NBC

That’s right, the mothership is back. After being cancelled back in 2010 during Season 20, NBC is bringing back the show that launched a genre. We’re not expecting any surprises from Law & Order. It will still follow the familiar formula of first half cops, second half lawyers. We also think the bad guy will still be the unassuming, yet creepy white guy from Act 1. Anthony Anderson is returning to play Det. Kevin Bernard, alongside franchise vet Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy. Joined by Jeffrey Donovan, Hugh Dancy, Odelya Halevi and Camryn Manheim. In these uncertain times, Law & Order is the comfort food of television, and you can admit it-you’re happy it’s back. 

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