New Young Money Compilation Album Is Coming

New Young Money Compilation Album Is Coming

New Young Money Compilation Album Is Coming

Weezy F. baby & the F is for finally, another compilation album. 

We about to put the compilation together with all the artists together on one album,” Wayne said. “That sets up everything for everybody so they could start coming out with their solo projects as well.”

The project, set to highlight some of the label’s rising stars. Will be Young Money’s first joint release, since 2014’s Rise of an Empire, which featured Nicki Minaj & Drake.  Before that, the label’s first compilation project was 2009’s; We Are Young Money, which included smashes like “BedRock” and “Roger That”.

Throughout the interview, Weezy discussed his Young Money Sports Agency; his appearance as the robot on The Masked Singer and more. The MC also mentioned his latest single, January’s “Ain’t Got Time” featuring singer Fousheé. He explained that he’s preparing to shoot a music video with the rising vocalist, who he says has more material on the way.

“That girl is super talented, bro,” Wayne said of Fousheé. “Super talented. She’ll come in the studio, pick up a guitar, don’t know how to read no music, just plays by ear and kills it, man.”

Wayne Sells Young Money music catalog

Lil Wayne, who recently reportedly sold the Young Money music catalog to Universal Music Group for $100 million. Is hoping this project can serve as a stepping stone for the artists he is currently repping; similar to the label’s past two compilation projects. The unnamed album will be the third in the series of group efforts by the label; formerly under the legendary Cash Money Records.

This forthcoming Young Money collaborative album will bridge the gap between the last Young Money project; Rise of an Empire, which came out in 2014, featuring former Young Money rhymers Drake, Nicki minaj and Tyga. In 2009, the label put out its first compilation album, We are Young Money. With the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping singles “BedRock” and “Roger That.”

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