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Pete Davidson can turn pretty much any scenario — even the most tragic parts of his childhood — into a joke, and it seems like Kanye “Ye” West is learning about that particular talent the hard way. In his new song, “Eazy,” West opted to shade Davidson. He rapped, “God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” Though not everyone would appreciate the explicit threat in those words, the comedian is opting to find humor in the situation, and Davidson’s reaction to West’s lyrics is as on-brand as you’d imagine. (Congrats to his publicist!) 

On Jan. 14, West released the song, and four days later, the threat still hadn’t hit home for Davidson. To be fair though, Davidson already has some practice in handling West’s public barbs. This is hardly the first time that West has referenced Davidson in a less than flattering light. Once, the rapper even claimed that security wouldn’t let him into Kardashian’s house with his kids because the comedian was there. (According to sources, Davidson was reportedly not there and  has not met Kardashian’s kids yet.)

On Jan. 18, a source told Page Six just how unbothered Davidson is about West’s lyrics. “Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious” they explained. “Not just that — he thinks the whole [tabloid drama] is hilarious.

“He loves it.” A source told the outlet, “It’s funny to him that the press wants to know his every move all of a sudden.”

But a good sense of humor is not the only thing keeping Davidson in good spirits. Despite West’s best efforts to show disapproval of Kardashian’s new romance, “[t]he whole craziness with Kanye last week has brought Kim and Pete closer,” an insider explained. Sorry, Ye.

“Kim and Pete can talk to each other about what is going on,” the source added. “It’s nice to have someone to share concerns with.”

Turns out threatening your ex’s new boyfriend via song will not, in fact, make them run back to you.

Having an artist write a song about you is a rite of passage nowadays. But rumor has it Kim Kardashian isn’t too fond of Kanye “Ye” West’s most recent lyrics about her. More specifically, about how she’s raising their children.

According to PEOPLE, Kim is not too happy  with the message weaved between the lyrics of Ye’s latest track “Eazy.” The track references the former couple’s four children together — North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — and how Ye’s ideal parenting style differs from hers.

The timing of the track couldn’t have been worse considering just last week, Ye crashed Chicago’s birthday party that he was allegedly not invited to. In a video he personally shared, Ye claimed he was not “allowed to know where [his daughter’s] party was,”and only found out the address through Travis Scott, who instructed him to attend. Kylie Jenner reportedly let him into the party. However, Ye’s story may not line up.

The source added, “Kanye has caused a lot of drama lately with the family [and] they’re not happy with what’s transpired over the last few days.”

That drama has likely been building as Kim’s relationship with comedian Pete Davidson continues to make major headlines. According to Page Six, fans even think she gave her new beau a secret shoutout in her latest Instagram post. And the biggest shocker through all of this:

Apparently all of the drama with Ye is only  bringing Kim and Pete closer together.

Psalm, we know you’re only 2 years old, but can we get a prayer one time?!  Sound off in the comments. 

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