Raptors All Women Broadcasters

Raptors All Women Broadcasters did great on Wednesday nights winner.

Raptors All Women Broadcasters – The Toronto Raptors made adjustments for Wednesday’s game against the Denver Nuggets. 

On-air role for Wednesday’s broadcast on TSN was occupied by Raptors All Women Broadcasters. Something we are proud to celebrate but should not be still discussing firsts when it comes to women in leading roles. Canadians Meghan McPeak handled play-by-play duties alongside Canadian national team player Kia Nurse (also of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury) provided analysis.

Raptors 905 analyst Amy Audibert and Kate Beirness handled hosting duties while Kayla Grey will serve as sideline reporter.

It was beautiful to hear. I turned on the game and immediately noticed an absent Matt & Jack or possible Leo but was just as entertained and excited about the game play and reporting that was taking place. 

The women on Wednesday’s broadcast lineup even got a shout-out form Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

After finally coming away with the victory of 135-111 

Kyle acknowledged it may have been the due to the women “bringing luck” to the team. 

How can you not love him?! .. Kyle Lowry is the Sh*t! I know… I had no other way to put it, I mean I did but none would have resonated the same. This man is a class act. The heart of the Raptor Team and some may even say, the soul. He has shown so much willingness to do his job effectively and as a leader and one that if you watch the Raptors, know he doesn’t mind doing. It’s who he is, it’s his natural character to play hard leave It on the floor and in this moment we get to see that he clearly was raised well too. A gentlemen before getting into his & the teams’ performance he didn’t let the all women broadcast team go unnoticed. Watch this clip as Kyle sends a shoutout to the women letting them know he thought they were fantastic. 

Today is Kyle Lowry’s 35th birthday we could not let the day go in without acknowledging this beautiful soul of a man. Happy Birthday Kyle, Enjoy!  If u haven’t got the memo, 

We love Kyle Lowry, get him a statue already.

-Signed Every Canadian basket ball lover. 

🇨🇦 🍁 

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