'RHOA' star LaToya Ali & Ex-husband Getting Bitter

‘RHOA’ star LaToya Ali & Ex-husband Getting Bitter

‘RHOA’ star LaToya Ali & Ex-husband Getting Bitter 

The popular Canadian YouTuber, who has more than 1 million followers, confirmed that she and husband; Adam Ali, have separated after six years of marriage and three kids together (via Bossip). Adam also addressed the split in a YouTube video, telling followers that there are “two sides to every story” & wanted to offer an explanation after reportedly being dragged on the internet.

“Even when I did give her the papers because essentially that’s what she wanted,” he stated in the video. “She brought this to me originally! I thought everything was lovely. The only difference is I decided to follow through with it.” Adam continued to explain that he offered to try and work it out with his estranged wife. In a text exchange, she replied, “I’m for the streets.” 

Instagram Post Deleted

In a since-deleted Instagram post, LaToya reportedly shared a lengthy  statement addressing the divorce rumors. After confirming that she and her husband were splitting, she added, “I’m not going to sugar coat things and say this has been easy. Divorce is incredibly difficult, but the silver lining is that the journey to this is decision [sic] has made me stronger and has helped me blossom into the woman I am today.” 

Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if LaToya and Adam’s divorce drama was a central storyline to the reality series. But, we know that the  cast members will have her back, or not..  during this difficult time. 

Adam Ali has responded to the abuse claims his ex-wife; LaToya Ali, made Sunday night in a two-part video series she shared on her YouTube channel.

In the shocking videos, the Trinidadian, pot-stirring newcomer on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Publicly accused Adam of physical, mental & emotional abuse; even recounting one specific incident where he allegedly dragged her off their bed, pinned her to the wall and choked her in front of their children. She said she thought she was going to die.

On Monday, Adam took to his own social media to address abuse allegations and tell his side of the story.

Both parties can agree on what led to the supposed incident in question; LaToya had gone on a cruise & cheated on Adam with another man, though she claims they didn’t have intercourse. Adam said in his Instagram Live that he knew about the affair before she got back into town, and when she did, that’s when LaToya claims he got physical with her.

“He grabbed my legs and pulled me, like drug me off the bed,” she alleged of the incident. “He picked me up, shoved me against the wall and he started to choke me. And the kids ran into the room. They started crying, you know, they were saying, ‘Daddy, take your hands off Mommy! What are you doing? You’re hurting Mommy!’ And then he took my phone, he smashed it. And at this point, I was so scared. I was terrified. I literally thought I was going to die that day.”

She claimed she then ran out of their house and sought help from neighbors. That’s when she called her aunt and not the cops because “I would never call the police on a Black man.”

According to Adam, however, LaToya came home from her trip and laid on their bed, which he said infuriated him given what he claimed to know about what she had just done. He said he raised his voice, shouted things like “get the f–k out of here” & admitted there was some “hustle and tussle.”

However, “I never striked her,” he told the camera. “I never put my hand on her. Was she probably scared? Yeah, she probably was. … I never striked you. I never hit you or anything of that nature.”

On the contrary, Adam added that he has a 20-minute video of LaToya “attacking” him in front of her mother and assistant and that LaToya knows this alleged video exists.

LaToya also claimed Adam “purposely got me pregnant” with their last child, daughter Ayah, as a way to keep her in the marriage since she claims she had previously threatened divorce. “I was trying to leave, and I ended up pregnant. He knows my weakness is alcohol,” said LaToya. “We got extremely drunk with our friends. I completely blacked out. And I woke up the next morning, and I didn’t even know if I had sex or not at all.”

But Adam vehemently denied raping his then-wife. A word he used even though she didn’t – saying, “That was the one thing from yesterday that was unbelievable. This is what gaslighting is”. Adam believes his ex-wife is addicted to fame and claims she gets $1,000 per episode of the Bravo series.

The allegations against one another are seemingly never ending. Adam accused LaToya of putting an expensive GPS tracking device on his car and buying a gun. LaToya believes that’s what led to Adam getting a restraining order against her. They both claim to have threatened each other with divorce. LaToya also believes Adam hacks her phone and social media accounts to delete things and disparage her. Adam, however, believes LaToya is “belligerent” when it comes to her alcohol intake and has managed to ruin all her relationships with family and friends.

The Alis were married for six years and have three children together.

Watch Latoyah’s side (Part 1 & 2) here: 

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