Roddy Rich

Roddy Rich Goes Outside the Box With Measured, Insightful ‘Live Life Fast’

Two years after releasing his massively debut studio successful album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, Roddy Ricch is finally back with the follow-up: Live Life Fast.

Instead of rushing to capitalize on the commercial success of PEMFBA, Roddy took his time. He pulled back from the world and kept most of his life-changing experiences to himself. In a cover story interview with Complex earlier this year, he spoke about keeping his life private. “I feel like nobody does it like me,” he said. “A lot of n***as talk that shit, but I just do it different. I do everything that everybody’s talking about, I just don’t show it. I don’t have to. It’s just not my personality. I take trips, I buy this, I do that. There are certain things I have experienced that n***as don’t know.”

Now, he’s ready to let the world into his life a little more, and he wants to do it through his music. “With my next project, I’m going to be more vulnerable,” he told us back in March. “I’m going to bring fans into my world more. I’m learning the balance. Like, OK, I’m not on Instagram, so I feel like I’ve got to bring them into my life more so they can feel me a little more.”

Live Life Fast has finally arrived, but did it live up to the hype? On first listen, what’s the standout song? What’s the biggest skip? Who had the best guest feature? After a couple initial spins, we answered those questions and more. Here’s our first impressions review of Roddy Ricch’s long-awaited new album Live Life Fast.

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