Saucy Santana Signed to Major Label

Saucy Santana Signed to Major Label

Saucy Santana Signed to Major Label, & confirms Nas X Song

Looks like it’s about to be a Saucy season to me. The Material Girl is about to really take off.

In the midst of an already upward trajectory, rapper Saucy Santana just announced that he has finally signed to a major label. The star, who is currently on tour with Latto, made the announcement on the breakfast club, revealing that he signed with RCA. He also later went on to confirm a collaboration with Lil Nas X.

“I feel like that was the only thing that was stopping me kinda,” Santana, who came to prominence initially via his friendship with the City Girls but has since been creating ear worms like “Material Girl,” “Shisha,” “Walk” and more, said in a Breakfast Club interview. “I feel like I didn’t have that complete backing with a major label.”

“I put in a lot of work and I worked really hard being an independent artist but I feel like now with that major backing I can clear these certain samples, I can get these radio shit going,” he continued. “You know what I’m saying, it’s up.” Santana has spoken previously about being an independent artist and constantly releasing music to stay in the public conscious. His phrases and songs have become common vernacular on social media.

“Don’t let them stop what you was already doing though,” Charlamagne Tha God warned in the interview.

“That’s why I went with [RCA] because people have to understand: everything that I have done — I was previously signed to StreamCut — but everything that I have done, it has been with the backing of my team of course, but it has been Santana,” the performer said. “When it comes down to TikTok dances, it’s me. When it comes down to videos, I’m telling them how I want my videos. When it comes down to what songs are coming out, I was doing that. When it comes down to writing my songs, I was writing top to bottom, chorus, verses, all that. So it was like I had to let them know that I need somebody that understands Santana but wants to help elevate and push Santana to the forefront. You can’t change me because my fans already fell in love authentically with who I am.”

“Everybody loves santana for Santana” he continued. “People love real shit, real relatable shit. When you start seeing stuff look corny or real gimmicky, you can read that & I didn’t want to be that artist. I was just like: Bitch all I need is that motherfucking push, that machine and it’s up.”

But the interview was wide ranging, in addition to what its like being a gay rapper, Santana also spoke about a collaboration with Lil Nas X that the Atlanta-based performer had previously teased. 

“He was like he got a twerk song, and he was like ‘I need you on it,'” Santana explained. “I like our song, our song is hard. It’s the perfect balance and it sounds like a collab. It don’t sound like a feature.”

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