Saweetie Reveals Why She Decided To Shave Her  Head 

Saweetie Reveals Why She Decided To Shave Her Head 

Saweetie Reveals Why She Decided To Shave Her Head  

Sitting down for an interview with The Real, Saweetie revealed why she decided to cut off her hair at the end of 2021. The artist, who debuted her freshly shaven head on Instagram, said the new style marks the start of another chapter in her life. 

“I just feel like I’m at a very transitional point in my woman life, my human life, my artist life and I wanted to start fresh,” she said in her interview with The Real.

Saweetie said she discussed her idea with some people close to her when she was thinking about cutting her hair. But not everybody approved her idea.

“Someone had told me, ‘are you still gonna be pretty? What if you don’t look good after the big chop?’ And I’m like, that’s not what it’s about,” she said. “It’s about the energy that I’m going to be releasing and my confidence doesn’t come from my looks, my confidence comes from within. It made me want to cut my hair even more.”

When she first posted pictures of her new style on social media, Saweetie proudly showed off her bald head while sitting under the sun in a bikini during a tropical vacation. Now, the artist still chooses to rock her new look wherever she goes while also showing off her wigs on some days.

Hoping to help other women achieve the same amount of confidence, Saweetie uploaded an inspiring video in January. The Pretty B.I.T.C.H (Boss, Independent, Tough, CEO, and Hyphy) video, inspired by Saweetie’s Pretty Bitch Music album, encouraged women to love themselves and have respect for others. 

“Pretty is like your aura,” the musician said in the video. “It’s your confidence. It’s how you treat other people.”

Saweetie said she has a passion for uplifting other women.

“Through this metamorphosis of Saweetie, I want to share what I’ve learned,” she said. “So when I say Pretty B.I.T.C.H Magic, it’s about your aura, your self-esteem, your confidence. I just love to teach women what I’ve learned.”

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