Love Is Blind Season 3 Is Closer Than You Think

Season 3 Love Is Blind Closer Than You Think

Season 3 Love Is Blind Closer Than You Think

The reality TV gods continue to bless us! Hot off the heels of its second season, it turns out Love Is Blind already has season three in the can!

There’s no rest for the weary in the world of reality TV dating!

With season two of Love Is Blind barely in the rearview mirror, fans won’t have to wait long for season three.

The next season of the Netflix hit was filmed right after its predecessor and will likely air by the end of 2022.

And it appears the new season is heading back down south, as it was filmed in Dallas. The first season was filmed in Atlanta, with the action moving to Chicago for season two. 

For the uninitiated, Love Is Blind follows fifteen men and fifteen women looking for love. For the first ten days, the contestants can only communicate via pods where they cannot see each other. They can only meet face-to-face after a marriage proposal is offered. Ideally, that’s when the rest of their lives begin.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Love Is Blind has been a breakout hit and cultural lightning rod over the course of its first two seasons. The second season, which just dropped its reunion March 4, was particularly noteworthy because of headline-making contestants like Shake Chatteriee and Shayne Jansen.  For instance, Shake even got into a confrontation with host Nick Lachey during the reunion taping. 

During both seasons of the show, eight different couples got engaged. However, viewers only followed six of those couples’ journeys each time.

According to the show’s creator Chris Coelen, it’s really a guessing game. 

“We had no idea, and continue to have no idea, what’s going to happen in the stories that we choose,” he told Variety. “If we are so lucky as we have been in season one and season two to have more engagements than we’re able to follow, then we go with our gut. Like, these seem like a good, genuine, cross-section of authentic stories.”

Coelen also responded to criticism about the stories that the show decided to pursue.

“I think it’s very funny for people to say, ‘Oh, you put somebody who was, you know, heavier in there, and then you just didn’t follow them,'” he said. “It’s not like anybody wants that to happen or doesn’t want that to happen. What I want to have happen is just to be true to the experiment. You put people in there. They can’t see each other. If they fall in love, then we follow it and if they don’t, we don’t.”

Love Is Blind wouldn’t be what it is without a little controversy. With season three on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what dramatic stakes they have in store for us.

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