Selling Sunset Season 5

Selling Sunset Season 5

Selling Sunset Season 5

Selling Sunset set a release date for season 5 and fans are ready for the drama. Check out everything to know about the upcoming season.

After a dramatic Selling Sunset season 4 finale, fans have eagerly awaited season 5, but the wait is almost over. Netflix announced that Selling Sunset would return for both seasons 4 and 5 last year. Now, the fabulous and entertaining women of the Oppenheim Group are back with even more drama. Check out everything to know about season 5.

Selling Sunset season 4 saw a pregnant Christine Quinn at an all-time low with the Oppenheim Group for part of the season, seemingly replaced by her nemesis and new cast member, Emma Hernan.. Many fans thought that she was going to pull a Daving Potratz  and leave for another real estate agency in season 5 after her blowout with the women during season 4.

The latest season also saw the Oppenheim brothers share their latest business venture, which was their new office opening in Orange County.

While it is unclear when fans will get their second spin-off series (Selling Tampa was the first spin-off, which aired in December 2021), in the meantime, fans are patiently awaiting Selling Sunsetseason 5.

This season of Selling Sunset will include mainstays Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, Christine Quinn, Amanza Smith, and more, alongside the Oppenheim brothers. It will also include the new additions from Selling Sunset season 4, Emma and Vanessa Villela. With appearances from Heather’s now-husband, Tarek El Moussa, as they prepare for their wedding. A new agent is coming to Oppenheim Group as well, named Chelsea Lazkani. The British-Nigerian luxury realtor has over five years in the business and already seems like a great addition to the show.

Fans got a sneak peek in the season 4 finale. While the Netflix series will show the aftermath of Christine’s blowout with the other women after the Oppenheim brothers’ party, Christine may not be the center of attention this season. Front and centre in the sneak peek was Jason and Chrishell’s unexpected whirlwind romance. 

The other agents looked visibly shocked at the news of the two dating. Fresh off of Chrishell’s shocking divorce from actor Justin Hartley.

Fans cannot wait to see how the women react to Jason and Chrishell’s budding romance. Will they claim favoritism from Jason since he is their boss, or will they support their relationship?

Fans are ready to see how Heather’s wedding (that Christine was not invited to) goes, how new girl Chelsea impacts the group dynamic, and how Jason and Chrishell’s romance started. Selling Sunset fans are in for a treat because the confirmed release date for season 5 is Friday April 22. It will likely follow the pattern of past seasons. Releasing all of the episodes on the same day for fans to binge.

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