Shekinah Anderson Airs Out Former BFF Tiny Harris On Social Media

Shekinah Anderson Airs Out Former BFF Tiny Harris On Social Media

Shekinah Anderson Airs Out Former BFF Tiny Harris On Social Media

We never thought we would see the day when Tameka “Tiny” Harris & Shekinah Anderson weren’t BFF’s; but here we are. According to Shekinah, the ladies who once had their own reality show are no longer friends.

Shekinah shared in a series of Instagram Live videos on Sunday; that Harris had done some shady things to her over the years. But she stayed loyal. The last straw however, came after she spoke out in defense of T.I. and Tiny; who had been accused of sexual assault by their former friend Sabrina Peterson. Per Shekinah it was Tiny who was telling her what to say; but she didn’t defend her when she faced backlash online.

“Motherf*ker was sitting right there with me,” she said in the video. “She the one telling me what to say. And then when all y’all in America go crazy on me; my own friend sit there and let ya’ll take me down. Knowing I don’t got s*** to do with that she had going on. She let the world tear me up.”

As Previously reported some 30 women have accused the couple of coercing them into sexual situations; that involved drugs, rape & more.

Once Tiny caught wind of Shekinah’s comments, she hopped on social media to respond, calling Shekinah a “dizzy b*tch”, but did not post anything on her personal page.

“You believe this dizzy b*tch if you like!,” Tiny wrote. “Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?! True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend & I appreciate that; but I NEVER EVER told her to SAY any of the sh*t she said. That’s on MY LIFE & Everything I Love.”

Shekinah also said she was grossly underpaid while appearing on “T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle” and only received $150 per day before getting kicked off the show.

“I got kicked off TV. Then I ended up f*king with an abusive relationship. Then I watched every friend I had turn on me for Tiny. All my home girls I used to be with, they were her best friends now … I had to be quiet. I had to move around like that s*** didn’t bother me … Nobody started f***ing with me till I got on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’”

Per Shekinah she is also the REAL reason XSCAPE reunited.

We certainly hope they can work things out, and do it off social media; but unfortunately it may be sadly too late at this point.

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