Tank Says Working On Final Album ‘R&B Money’ Is Bittersweet

Tank Says Working On Final Album ‘R&B Money’ Is Bittersweet

Tank Says Working On Final Album ‘R&B Money’ Is Bittersweet

Tank has opened up on social media regarding the status of his final R&B album. The singer revealed while working on the project he has run into minor setbacks, calling the entire process “bitter sweet,” explaining he was unable to confirm hopeful collaborations. Still, he is adamant the project will be some of his best work.

“As I close out this last album it’s kinda bitter sweet,” shared the 46-year-old artist.”

I think about the calls i made to continue the connection of r&b camaraderie and all the calls that weren’t returned. It doesn’t hurt because i needed them it just hurt that making good music together has become about something other than the music.”

He continued, “I’m one of the best ever at what i do right now as we speak but that has never been a reason for me not work with anybody. The sweet is in the calls that were returned! The people who did show up and bless me beyond my imagination. I thank you early! For that fans who’ve stayed tapped in my work on this side is done. I will be the driving force behind the scenes getting r&b music back to the top of the food chain!! I write this message in love with the whole r&b universe in mind! It’s bigger than nino brown!” signing off with a blue heart emoji and the album’s title.

In January, Tank revealed to Billboard his loss of hearing in one ear caused him to need to refocus and how writing his latest single “I Deserve” released in Oct. 2021, led to him working on the album.

“I was shooting a movie in Washington, D.C. [in 2021]. On my last day of filming, I’m walking home from the gym and, literally, the ground just started shaking, and I had to grab on to something because I thought I was falling over,” he shared. “Then everything in the air started sounding like it was coming through a distorted walkie-talkie. I went to specialists, who said I may have this thing called sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my right ear. The tough part about being diagnosed with that is there’s no why or how this happens. It took a moment to find my balance in the studio and onstage, but I began to recognize my spirit again. The first song I recorded was “I Deserve,” and from there, I started writing again. Now I’ve got one ear and vertigo, but I’m back in fighting mode.”

No official release date for R&B Money has been confirmed. Tank is set to perform at the Cincinnati Music Festival this July alongside Janet Jackson, BJ The Chicago Kid, Charlie Wilson, The O’Jays, and more.

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