Unpaid Ciroc Gig Led To Diddy Giving Rick Ross $1M Deal

Unpaid Ciroc Gig Led To Diddy Giving Rick Ross $1M Deal

Unpaid Ciroc Gig Led To Diddy Giving Rick Ross $1M Deal

One of the unwritten rules in Hip Hop is everyone has to start somewhere. That was the case for Rick Ross, who always takes time out of his day to speak about his remarkable journey to the top of Hip Hop’s elite.

Over the weekend, the Biggest Boss took to his social media with a video of him explaining one of his earlier brand collaborations with  Diddy’s famous Ciroc Vodka. According to Rozay, he initially promoted Ciroc for a whole year without receiving a single dime, but that wasn’t a bad thing as Diddy blessed him for sticking the course.

“I was once an unpaid brand ambassador for @ciroc for a year +..taking pics,post etc already a huge artist,” Rick Ross wrote in the video. “Following yr @diddy gave me a 1million dollar check just for taking The initiative and going hard as I did when no one else was!”

Ross continued to explain the secret to brand partnerships is to establish yourself as someone with value. People need to show what they bring to the table in order for collaborations to work.

“When you go to a job, and they give you an interview, they actually want to see what are you coming to the table with,” Ross said in his video. “What are your gifts, what makes you unique? Or are you just a standard individual that can mop and sweep?”

Rick Ross’ mindset of proving your worth has led him to a lot of bags over the years. He has since become an influential brand ambassador for Luc Belaire and even recruited Jay Leno to plug their new “Bleu” bottle last year.

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