Will Barton Adds Depth to Toronto Raptors Roster

Will Barton Adds Depth to Toronto Raptors Roster

Does Will Barton Adds Depth to Toronto Raptors Roster?

The Toronto Raptors are looking to make a run in the playoffs this season, and they have added veteran guard Will Barton to help bolster their depth. After being waived by the Washington Wizards, Barton reached out to long-time NBA point guard Earl Watson. Now an assistant coach with the Raptors, for advice. Watson urged him to come to Toronto, and Barton heeded the advice.

Barton will bring a much-needed veteran presence to the team, as well as a boost in shooting. With his experience and leadership, the Raptors have greatly improved their chances of making a deep playoff run this season. He will likely be the ninth or tenth option in the rotation, depending on the matchup and game flow. The addition of Barton to the Raptors’ roster will bring a number of benefits. He will provide a much-needed boost in shooting & veteran leadership, which will be a great asset for the team in the playoffs.

Additionally, he will provide some much-needed depth at the point guard position. The Raptors are in a solid position to make the playoffs this season, and the addition of Barton will only make them stronger. With his experience, shooting, and veteran leadership. Barton will be a valuable asset to the team and could make a huge difference in the playoffs.

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