Season 3 of Atlanta

Atlanta season 3 finally begins Production.

Atlanta season 3 finally begins Production.

Season 3 of Atlanta has been a long time coming (the last season aired almost three years ago, in May 2018). Held up first by Glover’s busy schedule & then by the COVID-19 pandemic; which forced FX to push back a planned January 2021 premiere date.

Donald Glover has posted on his Instagram account, a photo of himself; Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfield, & Zazie Beetz, which says “‘Day 0 S3 ATL”. The photo – which is currently the only photo on Glover’s account; looks like it was taken on an older cell phone with poor photo quality. But after almost three years since the last episode of Atlanta, any footage from the FX series is exciting to see

Atlanta season 3 & 4 Begin Production

Despite the delays, reports that the new season will film in Europe indicate it will pick up right where season 2 left off; with Earn (Glover), Alfred (Henry), and Darius (Stanfield) bound for a European tour with with rising rapper Clark County.

Additionally, fans have a lot of Atlanta to look forward to. FX has already greenlit a fourth season, which is planned to be shot concurrently with the third.

No new premiere date for season 3 has been set.

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