Mike Tyson Upcoming series - Played by Jamie Foxx

Mike Tyson Upcoming series – Played by Jamie Foxx

Mike Tyson Upcoming series – Played by Jamie Foxx.

Hulu Boycott 

A month ago, the boxing legend slammed Hulu for announcing that they were doing an 8 episode mini-series titled; “Iron Mike”.  In a scathing post on his Instagram account. He called out the streaming platform for trying to cash in on his life story and told fans to boycott.

“Hulu’s announcement to do an unauthorized mini-series of the Tyson story without compensation, although unfortunate, isn’t surprising,” he said. “This announcement on the heels of social disparities in our country is a prime example of how Hulu’s corporate greed led to this tone-deaf cultural misappropriation of the Tyson life story.”

Tyson also said that he is doing his own TV series and he’d be sharing more details soon.

Mike Tyson Upcoming Series Starring Jamie Foxx

On Monday Variety announced a limited series about the boxing legend’s life starring Jamie Foxx is in the works. You recall Foxx announced he was training to play the heavy weight champion in an upcoming biopic. According to the site. Tyson, Foxx, Antoine Fuqua and Martin Scorsese are now working on a more in depth project to span his entire life.

Fuqua is slated to direct “Tyson” while Colin Preston is currently working on writing the full series.

“I have been looking to tell my story for quite some time,” Tyson said in statement. “With the recent launch of Legends Only League and the excitement from fans following my return to the ring, now feels like the perfect moment. I look forward to collaborating with Martin, Antoine, Jamie, and the entire creative team to bring audiences a series that not only captures my professional and personal journey but also inspires and entertains.”

No streaming platform or network has been attached, but given the star power attached we’re sure that it’ll happen very soon.

Mike Tyson wasn’t lying when he said the teams working on his own TV series about his life.

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