Serena And Venus Williams’ 21-Year-Old Nephew Takes His Own Life

Serena And Venus Williams’ 21-Year-Old Nephew Takes His Own Life

Serena And Venus Williams’ 21-Year-Old Nephew Takes His Own Life

Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams’ nephew, Alphonse, died by suicide on Feb. 3, 2021.

The 21-year old’s mother, Sabrina Williams, is the daughter of Richard Williams from his first marriage to Betty Johnson. However, Sabrina maintains no contact with her famous family, according to Radar Online.

Alphonse lived with bipolar depression.

Sabrina, who also has another 23-year old son named Elijah Williams, said that her deceased son lived with bipolar depression and attempted to end his life two and a half years ago. 

“I asked God, save his life and give me a little bit more time, please,” Sabrina said, according to The Sun. “And God answered my prayers. He gave me two and a half years more than I expected.”

“He was crying last Monday, hysterical crying. The week before, the doctor confirmed what he already knew, that he had Peyronie’s,” she said. “He had started back at high school. He was going into his fourth semester of computer engineering and was regularly seeing a counselor.”

“It’s going to take six to eight weeks for the coroner to find out what he bought. We know he’s taken some strong medicines, which would have made him fall asleep. He would have gone into respiratory distress but wouldn’t have known. He just never woke up,” Sabrina continued.

Sabrina described Alphonse as a “serious athlete” who frequently went to the gym and adopted a vegan lifestyle.

“He became a vegan, he joined a couple of clubs,” she said.

Sabrina added that her eldest son Elijah is going through the grieving process.

“My older son is still sending texts to his phone, talking about sports. He doesn’t want to let go; that’s part of his grieving process. I can ask God why didn’t he take some damn frickin’ serial killer? Or child molester or something? But I will never know the answer,” Alphonse’s mother said.

“I truly believe that if my son got some help, somebody was able to talk to him. I think he would still be here,” she said.

Sabrina has also dealt with bouts of depression; in her thirties, she said she experienced suicidal thoughts and was admitted to the hospital for three days to receive help.

Alphonse’s mother is requesting that attendees of her son’s funeral wear Batman and DC Comic in honor of her son being a big comic fan. Music by artists including Taylor Swift and P!nk will also be played at his homegoing service. Afterward, the repast will be at Alphonse’s favorite vegan restaurant.

“After that, it’s going to be a mission to reach out to help other people; it will be his legacy. I miss my baby,” Sabrina said. “That’s my life goal. I have an unconditional desire to help people.”

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  provides 24/7, free and confidential support.

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